Research Interests

Renata’s current research centres on experiences diagnosed as psychiatric illnesses (such as depression, psychosis and schizophrenia), narrative research of health and illness experiences, and ethical questions in technology and psychiatry.

Since 2004 Renata has contributed to obtaining research funding in excess of $4.7 million from a range of funding bodies, including the ARC, NHMRC, Healthdirect Australia, beyondblue: the national depression initiative, Foundation House, The Victorian Foundation for Survivors of Torture, and the Australian Primary Health Care Research Institute.

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 Recent Major Competitive Funding (2009 – present)

  • 2016/19         NHRMC Partnership Project: ‘Early Menopause: Implementation Research using the Experience and Perspectives of Women and Health Professionals to Translate Evidence into Practice’ Teede H, Kokanovic R,  Vincent A, Boyle J, Hart R & Hickey M ($781,209)
  • 2016/19         ARC Linkage Grant: ‘Cultural Biographies, Medical Knowledges: A sociological study’ Broom A, Kirby E, Kokanovic R, Adams J, Lwin Z, Wild D, Koh, E, de Souza P & Woodland L ($1,026,969) 
  • 2014/17         ARC Linkage Grant: ‘Options for Supported Decision-Making to Enhance the Recovery of People with Severe Mental Health Problems’ Kokanovic R, McSherry B, Herrman H & Brophy L ($800,895)
  • 2013/16         ARC Discovery Grant: ‘Experiences of addiction, treatment and recovery’ Fraser S, Kokanovic R, Moore D, Treloar C & Dunlop A ($499,000)
  • 2010/12         NHMRC Grant: ‘How consumers negotiate between complementary and conventional health systems – a qualitative study’ Gunn J, Kokanovic R, Pirotta M & Willis K ($193,325)
  • 2009/12         ARC Linkage Grant: ‘Personal experiences of depression and recovery: an Internet resource for the public and policy makers’ Kokanovic R, Ziebland S, Gunn J & Highet N ($320,000)
  • 2009/11         NHMRC Grant: ‘The diamond cohort longitudinal study – long term outcomes of depressive symptoms in primary care’ Gunn J, Herrman H,  Kokanovic R,  Chondros P & Hegarty K ($550,000)

Other Funding (2009 – present)

  • 2013/14         Healthdirect Australia: ‘Emotional Experiences of Early Parenthood in Australian Families’ Kokanovic R. ($455,750)
  • 2012               ISCRR: ‘The impact of online (patient) experiences on healthcare decision-making and recovery’ Kokanovic R. Commissioned by Transport Accident Commission (TAC) ($14,000)
  • 2011/12         Beyondblue national depression initiative: ‘Emotions and motherhood in refugee background women’ Kokanovic R. ($50,000)
  • 2010/11         Foundation House, The Victorian Foundation for Survivors of Torture: ‘Post-natal depression in refugee communities – a critical literature review’ Kokanovic R ($55,000)
  • 2009               Foundation House, ‘Evaluation of Strengthening Family Wellbeing: A Strategy To Support Families From Refugee Backgrounds’ Kokanovic R ($40,000)