A few words on my current research project

What do creatives know?

Advertising effectiveness is an area of intense interest for both advertising agencies and the academic researchers who study the industry. Yet why is it that creative process – the series of actions play such a large role in shaping effectiveness – receives so little research attention?

Is creative process simply a form of “magic” that is beyond explanation? Are Adland perceptions of what constitutes creativity too diverse to be understood?

Instead of glossing over the creative process and focusing on its effect, my research seeks to achieve a stronger understanding of the factors and conditions that shape creative advertising.

I’ve always thought the saying “success has many fathers” is an apt one for creative advertising. As the industry continues to adapt to the onslaught of new media it’s never been more important to understand just how these “fathers” and “mothers” (to update an old adage) work.

To help achieve this I am seeking the assistance of advertising agency art directors and copywriters who are willing be interviewed at central locations in Melbourne, Sydney and Brisbane. All information will be gathered or analysed in such a way as to preserve the anonymity of research interview participants.

A summary of research findings of what will be Australia’s first investigation into the use of new media technologies by advertising creatives will be provided to participants.

For more information or if you are able to take part in this study please contact Richie Barker via richie.barker@monash.edu or 03 9904 7197.