Graduate Research Supervision

Completed PhD Theses

2015 Begovich, Paul. The other as deviant: literary representations of the trujillato and apartheid

2015 Sell, Catherine. Translation in Japanese museums: a study of multimodal linguistic landscapes

2015 Thomas, Paul. Translating Neighbours: history, communication and translation in the Australian-Indonesian relationship

2015 Qi, Lintao. Texts, Paratexts, and Contexts: A Comparative Study of English Translations of the Classic Chinese Novel Jin Ping Mei

2015  Gonzalez, J. Marcelino. Metaphor and agency in the English-Spanish translation of texts in the social sciences

2014 Takahashi, Tomoko T. Lost and found in self-translation

2014 Sulaiman, M. Zain. Translating Tourism: a cultural journey across conceptual spaces

2014 Di Rollo, Aureliana. Two sides of the same coin: challenging the mother-daughter trope in contemporary Italian women’s writings

2013 Carbonelli, Guendalina. Fabrizio de Andrè: the canonization of a popular intellectual

2013 Glennan, Patrick. (Re)Translating Giuseppe Tomasi di Lampedusa’s Il Gattopardo

2011 Al-Ghamedi, Najiah. The contemporary Saudi novel in English translation: four case studies

2011 Badalotti, Floriana. Professional multilinguals: translators, interpreters and cultural identities

2010 Shunmugam, Krishnavanie. A History of Malay Pantun Translations into English

2009 Formica, Denise. Translating Australia: the case of contemporary Australian fiction in Italian translation

2009 Tobias, Shani. Traversing Textual Terrains: strategies for translating metaphor in Japanese-English Literary translation

2009 Tufano, Teresa. Renegotiating Women in Contemporary Italian Cinema

2008 Gerber, Leah. Tracing a Tradition: The translation of Australian children’s fiction into German from 1945 to the present

2008 Maher, Brigid. Jest and Recreation: The translation of humour

Completed MA Research Theses

2013 Kenworthy, Victoria. The Curious Case of Suite française

2011 Olivi, Maria Vittoria. Narratives in Conversation. Orality in the writing of three African Italian women: Ribka Sibhatu, Gabriella Ghermandi and Igiaba Scego.

2009 Cahill, Lucy. History’s Aside: A study of digressive narrative strategies in historical fictions by Italian women writers

2009 Chi, Limin. Translation and Modernity in Late Qing China (1897 – 1911)

2005 Kristoffersen, Victoria. Tales in Translation: The German editions of the Grimms’ Kinder- und Hausmarchen and their English translations, with a comparative analysis of ‘Rumpelstiltskin’.

Current PhD Supervision Topics

A Model for Reading Francophone and Anglophone literatures of the Vietnamese Diaspora in Translation

Sexist Hate Speech in Web 2.0: a critical discourse analysis

Re-imagining the Italian South: Subjectivity and Migration in Contemporary Literature and Cinema

Reviving the Author – Translating the Autobiographical Self in Yukio Mishima’s Kyoko no Ie

Writing for the Homeless: Yugoslavia in the eyes and memories of its migrant authors

Transmitting the Sacred Symbol: methodologies in translation of Zoharamaic

Visions of Australia: the theatre of David Mence in Italian translation

Soundscape not to be translated.  Re-creating an aural narrative tradition by translating radio documentaries into Italian

Muslimness in Translation: Redefining Piety in Contemporary Indonesian Islamic Fiction and Films

From the late Qing to the May Fourth: Changing self and translating the modern.