$25 million. ARC Centre of Excellence for Electromaterials Science . CE140100012. Wallace G, Forsyth M, MacFarlane D, Officer D, Cook M, Dodds S, Spinks G, Alici Gu, Moulton S, in het Panhuis M, Kapsa R, Higgins M,  Mozer A, Crook J, Innis P, Coote M, Wang X, Howlett P, Pringle J, Hancock L, Paull B, Spiccia L, Zhang J, Sparrow R,  Diamond D, Unwin P, Guldi D, Kim SJ, Watanabe M.

$561 069. Australian Research Council Future Fellowship. FT100100481. A new ethics for the development and application of genetic technologies in a pluralist society.

$440 000. Australian Research Council Discovery Program grant. DP0770545. A study of Australia’s ability to train soldiers to be effective and ethical (Dr Jessica Wolfendale (PI), Dr Rob Sparrow (CI), and Professor Tony Coady(CI)).