• Robyn Heckenberg has worked in a variety of educational environments including community workshops, TAFE, secondary school projects, four Universities.

    Her educational background has also been one of variety with postgraduate qualifications from tertiary institutions in the Northern Territory, NSW and Victoria.

    Her research as a student includes:

    • ‘Stepping Stones to All Ya Clans: running a project in Indigenous Education’, minor thesis in Master of Teaching (La Trobe University, Wodonga);
    •  ‘Heroes and superheroes in Aboriginal culture: Aboriginal view points on land, social justice and survival’  for Master of Fine Art (Research) (University of Newcastle). 

    Other projects, for ATSIC and Batchelor Institute of Indigenous Tertiary Education focused on the gaps and overlaps of service provision for Indigenous families affected by domestic violence in Victorian communities.

    Robyn has been an active feminist with early affiliations to the Sydney Rape Crisis Centre, Women’s Liberation House and street publishing in the seventies and eighties around issues to do with social justice and tenancy.  Being an artist she is a round peg in a square hole.

    Expert media commentary

    • Literature of Indigenous people
    • Cross cultural enquiry
    • Cultural sustainability
    • Women and the media