• Research interests

    • Cultural sustainability issues for Indigenous people globally: community asset gathering and community driven projects; mapping positive outcomes for the future
    • Cultural heritage: caring for country (Flora and Fauna, waterways); importance of buildings and locations of significance to local memory and identity 
    • Effects of changes in policy on power workers in Gippsland industry
    • Pathways to university for Indigenous students: development and innovation Koorie Footprints to Higher Education:  conduit between university and community (won a Wurreker Award (VAEAI) in 2008 and was shortlisted in 2009)
    • Recent research consultancy work resulted in a community driven action plan and report for cultural sustainability for a riverine community on the Murray River
    • Negotiating the curriculum to make it more engaging and creative for university students is an ongoing commitment and area of study 

    Current research projects

    • Cultural vitality and the importance of cultural practices for sustainable futures for Indigenous Australians, particularly when viewed upon by government and educational organisations and the mechanisms they use to create such environments
    • Artistic practice in Australia and the discourse surrounding imaging this practice in text; the interface between text and visual art
    • Caring for country and culture
    • Australian writing with focus on Indigenous literature and film
    • The university classroom (actual) and the tyranny of distance (virtual)
    • Comparative studies of disparate backgrounds of Indigenous people of the Pacific, Australia and Northern Europe


    • 2010,  Indigenous Cultural Sustainability Project: Contract Research,  (Albury City Council),  $9,000
    • 2008, Gippsland Campus Bursary, $5000
    • 2007-2009, Koorie Footprints to Higher Education, Nationally competitive, (DEST/DEEWR)  $67,500