Dr Ruth Lane

Research: In broad terms, my research focuses on the intersections between social change, environmental degradation and environmental governance. I have examined this through studies of the consumption of goods and materials, and associated issues of waste, reuse and materials recycling (Lane and Gorman-Murray 2011), and of the social and cultural aspects of land use change in rural and regional Australia, with an emphasis on biodiversity consequences (Lane and Waitt 2007, Farmar-Bowers and Lane 2009, Cooke and Lane 2015).

From 2013-16 I led the Monash team on the multi-university Wealth from Waste CSIRO Flagship research collaboration, which explored the potential for more advanced metals recycling in Australia. Through this work, I developed an interest in the interface between social science research on consumption and socio-technical change and industrial ecology assessments of material flows and environmental footprints (Lane 2014, Santos and Lane 2017).

I teach in the areas of environmental governance, assessments and decision-making and coordinate the Environment and Governance stream of the coursework Master of Environment and Sustainability program.

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