Dr Sally A. Weller

  • Sally Weller is an economic geographer whose interests focus on developing a spatialised interpretation of the ongoing restructuring of the Australian economy. She is interested in labour market and industrial restructuring, cultural industries, regional economies, globalisation and the process of socio-economic change. She will continue to expand on these themes in her 2012-16 Australian Research Council Future Fellowship project, a comparative study of the “Transition to a Low Carbon Economy” in two vulnerable regions: Victoria’s Latrobe Valley and New South Wales’s Hunter Valley.

    The project will examine how different governance structures and global interconnections shape local outcomes. It will contribute to understandings of transition, developmental trajectories, industrial restructuring and labour market change.

    Find me on Google Scholar at  http://scholar.google.com.au/citations?user=8ZTCIroAAAAJ&hl=en


    Here’s a slightly longer version of the article on job loss that appeared in The Conversation on 13 February 2014 “What We Need to Know About Labour Adjustment”  Its content is based on published papers that can be downloaded from my publications pages.

    I’ve also added a yet-to-be published paper on de-industrialisation in Australia – you’ll find it in ‘Publications’ on the ‘Refereed Journals’ page