Select Presentations

2017 Presentation at the SEMINAR “Masculinities in Indonesia and East Timor” Watch recording of Seminar HERE

2016 SOAS London University Launch Seminar of Women and the politics of gender in post-conflict Timor-Leste with Ester Richards. Recording below

2016    Monash Public Seminar: Crocodiles in the Timor Sea: development implications of the maritime resources dispute Listen to Seminar

2016    Maritime Boundaries in the Timor Sea: Perspectives in International Law Seminar Convenor Listen to Seminar


2014    Panel Convenor, ‘Masculinity and links to gender inequality and violence in Timor-Leste & Indonesia‘• Anthropology Program and Monash Asia Institute Public Seminar Series Listen to SeminarMasc Flyer

2014    “The ‘real’ cost of violencia iha uma laran Timor-Leste”Australian Women’s and Gender Studies Biennial International Conference 2014 06 Economic DV

2014    ‘Material Culture and activism in Asia: textiles and politics in Timor-Leste ‘Asia Literacy in Practice‘ @ Monash Asia Institute Public Seminar Series 2014 Activism and Material culture Presentation

2012     ‘“How we survived”—Karen mothers: emotion & birth in resettlement’ • Australian Anthropology Society Annual Conference • University of Queensland  2012 Refugee Mothers Presentation 

2012 “Is Barlake Changing in Timor-Leste” Australian Anthropology Society Annual Conference • University of Queensland 2012 09 Balake Presentation AAS Conference

2012     ‘Displaced Mothers: maternities and emotional health’ • International Society of Cultural Studies 9th Annual Conference • Sorbonne Nouvelle University, France

2012   Panel Convener and Presentation: ‘Women’s Business’ in Timor-Leste—Anthropological Perspectives Monash Asia Institute Public Seminar Series Listen to Presentation 

2011    Presentation ‘Between Earth and Heaven: Politics of Gender Timor-Leste Centre for Dialogue, La Trobe University ‘2011 Latrobe_Heaven and Earth_NINER‘ 

2010  Presentation Biography and Timor-Leste Panels Ubud Writers and Readers Festival, Indonesia

2010   Presentation Recognising Women Veterans Timor-Leste
10th Women in Asia Conference, ANU

2010    Presentation: Is barlake changing in Timor-Leste? (in Tetun with English) 
Peace and Conflict Studies Centre • Universidade Timor-Leste (UNTL), Dili
2010 09 Barlake Presentation NINER 

2010    National Timor-Leste Book Launch “XANANA” with Australian Ambassador, Dili

2010    National Australia Book Launch “XANANA”  with Hon. J Saffin MP, Parliament House, ACT

2009    Literary Book Launch Melbourne • “XANANA” with Terry Bracks

2009  Presentation: ‘Handcrafts and Development in Timor-Leste: Looking to the Future’
Women for Peace International Conference Dili

2008    Presentation ‘The Contested Place of Women in Contemporary Society in Timor-Leste’ Security, Nation-Building and Development in Timor-Leste Conference • Flinders University

2008    Convener and Presenter:  Timor-Leste Textiles Exhibition & Forum: Meaning, Makers and Markets Monash University, City of Port Phillip, Alola Foundation and International Women’s Development Agency

2006  Convener & PresenterExploring the Tensions of Nation Building in Timor-Leste Forum University of Melbourne

2000  Book Launch To Resist is to Win with Xanana Gusmão • Dili, East Timor

2000  Book Launch To Resist is to Win Book Launch with Xanana Gusmão • Melbourne

2000  Book Launch To Resist is to Win Literary Launch • Adelaide Festival Book Week

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