2016-Onging Women’s Empowerment and Microfinance in the Asia Pacific (WEMAP) A successful ASSA funded workshop was held in November 2017 interrogating the usefulness and success of microfinance interventions for women in the Asia Pacific. Further research is planned for 2018.

2016-Ongoing Monash Arts and Engineering Research Affinity Project: Introducing techology in developing country contexts: Timor-Leste (publication forthcoming).

2015-Onging Timor-Leste Studies Association: Convenor of Gender panels of Conference 2015 and 2017. Also the effects of culture in the Australian Department of Foreign Affairs in the Maritime Boundary Dispute in the Timor Sea

2015-2016  Oxfam-Monash Partnership: Gender Analysis of Oxfam Savings and Loans Groups in Timor-Leste (publications below).

2014-Onging Masculinity and links to gender inequality in Timor-Leste: Exploratory and continuing research into how masculinity and gender norms are linked to inequality and violence against women and associated programs of prevention (see website and publications forthcoming).

2013-2014 Rethinking Violence against Women: The Political Economy of Women’s Rights in Transnational and Comparative Perspective Cross-institutional and inter-disciplinary team of scholars from Warwick and Monash Universities proposing innovative study violence against women internationally to extend and bring new perspectives surrounding women’s rights, gender and political economy (publications below and forthcoming).

2013           Perceptions of gender and masculinities of youth in Timor-Leste Baseline Study– Joint Communication Campaign for the Prevention of Gender Based Violence (JCC) Timor-Leste (funded by Spanish Agency for International Cooperation and Development -AECID). As Senior Researcher I designed methodology and research instruments to capture the attitudes of young Timorese men towards gender norms and masculinity in pre-intervention surveys and Focus Group Discussions employing the Gender Equitable Men (GEM) Scale. Data collected in rural Timor by National University in Timor-Leste partners was analysed and Final Report submitted (publications below and forthcoming).

2011-2012  Research FellowMonash University: collaboration on consecutive research projects including two with a particular gender focus in the Asia-Pacific: motherhood and emotional health amongst ethnic minority Karen women from Burma (with Associate Professor Renata Kokanovic) and media representations of child abuse and motherhood in contemporary Malaysia (with Professor Denise Cuthbert) (publications below).

2010           Endeavour Research FellowshipAustralian Department of Education (DEEWR): research undertaken into customary exchange and gender relations in post-conflict Timor-Leste under the auspices of the National Directorate of Culture (Timor-Leste Government) (publications below).

2007—2009 Post-doctoral FellowMonash University, School of Political and Social Inquiry, Anthropology Department: the research program concerned women and development interventions in Timor-Leste and measured the potential for women’s empowerment through various livelihood projects targeted at women craft producers. Outcomes were the East Timor Textiles Exhibition, Forum and Market (2008) funded by Monash University, City of Port Phillip, the Alola Foundation and the International Women’s Development Findings were formally presented in Timor-Leste at the Women for Peace International Conference (2009) (publications below).

2007           Research Assistant—Nautilus Institute at RMIT: ‘Australian Security Forces Abroad in Timor-Leste Project’ with Professor Richard Tanter. Preliminary research and setting up reporting relationship with local in-country NGO.

2006           Convener and PresenterUniversity of Melbourne, School of GES: ‘Exploring the Tensions of Nation Building in Timor-Leste Forum’. This forum was convened to seek the deeper issues and challenges faced by Timor-Leste after the national crisis of 2006. (Publication below)

1998-1999  Latrobe University: PhD study including field research undertaken in Indonesia, Portugal and Australia. I was awarded the top-ranked scholarship application prize in the Politics Department and granted an Australia Commonwealth Postgraduate Research Award.


2014-Onging Lecturer Level B Monash University | School of Social Sciences Anthropology Program–School of Social Sciences:

  • ATS2378 The Anthropology of International Development
  • ATS2625 Mobile Worlds: Borders, Displacement and Belonging
  • ATS1255 Encountering Cultures: Introduction to Anthropology (co-teaching)
  • ATS4375 Honors Research Seminar (Guest Lecturer)
  • APG5045 Gender and Development (Guest Lecturer)
  • 2011-2013 Monash University | School of Political and Social Inquiry
  • Teaching Associate and Seminar Leader: ATS2573: The Anthropology of International Development’ Anthropology Program (2013).
  • Guest Lecturer: ‘Gender and Development’ for both the Masters in International Development and the Masters of International Crisis Management.

2010-2012  LecturerVictoria University Annual guest lectures presented on the topic of ‘Women and Gender in Timor-Leste’ for the specialist subject ‘Timor-Leste: Politics, History and Society’).

2007           Lecturer—Deakin University: Masters of International Development Program, School of International Politics: ‘Gender and Development’ and ‘Participatory Approaches to Development’

International Development Consultancy

2013           Develop a strategic plan and gender curriculum with the new Gender Studies Research Centre—Sentro Estudo Jeneru (SEJ)— at the National University of Timor-Leste (UNTL) funded by UN Women.

2012           Research and co-write United Nations Department of Political Affairs Briefing Report: ‘Women’s Political Participation in Asia and the Pacific’ for the Social Science Research Council Conflict Prevention and Peace Forum with Professor Jacqui True.

2009           Provide full research report on the situation of ‘Gender and Society in Timor Leste’. International development agency, Science Application International Corporation (SAIC) required a general overview of gender roles and relations for use by their consultants in the field.

2008           Capacity Building Project with Timor-Leste Government (managed by Sinclair, Knight, Mertz and funded by AusAid).

2006 -2007 Providing input into national Ministry of Health study in Timor-Leste with the Australian International Health Institute, University of Melbourne (funded by AusAid).

2001           Research, collection and curation of materials in collaboration with the Alola Foundation for ‘Weaving Women’s Stories’ Timorese Textiles Exhibition, at the Melbourne International Arts Festival Exhibition (funded by the Harold Mitchell Foundation).

2003           Key Messages Writer— Ministry of Finance and Planning, Timor-Leste Government (RDTL) Poverty Assessment Project (funded by UNDP):

2000—2001 International Advisor in Xanana Gusmao’s Presidential Office of the National Timorese Council (funded by United Nations Development Program, East Timor).

2000           Conference Organiser—conference planning and management of the ‘National Development Planning Conference’ in collaboration with the National Timorese Council (funded by the Australian Volunteers International Program, East Timor).

1999           Conference Committee Member—‘Strategic Development Planning for East Timor’ Conference: assisting in planning and organizing the historic conference in conjunction with the National Timorese Council and Victoria University.