Sarah Pasfield-Neofitou

  • Lecturer in Japanese Studies, School of Languages, Literatures, Cultures and Linguistics

    BookCoverI am a lecturer in Sociolinguistics/Applied Linguistics and Japanese at Monash University, Melbourne, Australia. My main research interests are computer mediated communication (CMC), applied linguistics and sociolinguistics, particularly in the Japanese context.
    My monograph “Online Communication in a Second Language: Social Interaction, Language Use, and Learning Japanese” was published by Multilingual Matters  in October 2012.
    I have been interviewed for articles in The Age newspaper and the online magazine Smallust, and am available for comment on matters concerning internet technology, computer mediated communication (including blogs, social networking, text messaging etc) and foreign language education or second language acquisition. Please see my website, for more information.


Latest News & Opinion

  • Readers who responded to my recent post “Easy does IT” believe that the majority (somewhere between 50% and 99%) of interruptions to teaching are attributable to technology issues. So is funneling greater investment into classroom equipment upgrades or teacher training the answer? Let’s consider teacher training first. In response to the question,”What kinds of skills (educational ... Read more
  • I believe the best classroom activities are not necessarily or primarily tied to the instructor’s competence in wrangling the sometimes heavy-weight technology systems traditionally pushed in institutional settings. Working constructively with light-weight, adaptable, “BYOD” approaches will often make better use of the skills teachers already have to engage in dynamic scholarship. As academics, very few of us are employed ... Read more
  • (This is the second post in a series on emphasizing the “personal” in “Personal Learning Environments”. Click here for part one) A Tale of Four Houses We want our students to feel at home in their learning. To learn in a warm, safe environment. And the notion of a “Personal Learning Environment” is, in many ways, an ... Read more

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  • Now It’s Personal: defining the terms for personal and personalized learning The terms “personal” and “personalized” have become buzzwords in recent years in both technological and educational spheres, with “personal” learning environments and “personalized” search engine results making headlines. Often, the terms are used interchangeably. But there exists a subtle, yet important, distinction between these two, which can have a ... Read more
  • The Melbourne workshop of the PLE Conference 2013 was held at Monash Caulfield Campus July 11-12. As always, I (@SarahConf) tweeted throughout the conference, and @melcashen produced two fantastic #PLEConf storify stories for Day 1 and Day 2. Throughout the event, we welcomed colleagues from Central Queensland University, Griffith University, Swinburne Online, LaTrobe, and international ... Read more
  • This post was used for the Personal Learning Environment web/environment orienteering quest, looking at the themes of learning and diversity in cities of the future. Thanks to everyone for their participation! Message to teams on the day: Read more
  • I’ve just finished updating the Japanese Dictionaries website with a new section on apps (for both iPhone and Android). Information about non-dictionary apps can be found on the separate site, apps for learning Japanese.   There are a number of types of dictionaries to choose from, and it helps to consider your individual situation, language level, and purpose ... Read more
  • Today I’m blogging (and tweeting – #CWIL @SarahConf) from the Computer Mediated Communication for Interaction in Language Learning Summer Conference which is being held at Coventry University – and online. (And it’s the virtual space I am joining from – unfortunately I couldn’t make it over for the face-to-face portion on Day 1). The fantastic ... Read more
  • With the rapid development and spread of mobile technologies, our methods of accessing information and engaging with and learning from the world around us is changing. This week only, see my presentation at the Technology and Society conference. Currently, there is some emphasis on creating mobile accessible content in the higher education sector, in recognition of ... Read more
  • The PLE (Personal Learning Environment) Conference 2013 Call for Papers is now out! “The Personal Learning Environment Conference is an international scientific conference taking place annually, each time in a different city. Following the highly successful events in Barcelona in Spain 2010, in Southampton, UK in 2011  and the parallel events in 2012 in Aveiro, Portugal and Melbourne, Australia, ... Read more
  • Following the recent publication of Online Communication in a Second Language  I was asked by Multilingual Matters to explain the importance of online communication in language learning.   The inspiration to research learners’ uses of online communication in a second language outside of the classroom came from my own experiences of using email, chat, forums, and other ... Read more
  • My monograph “Online Communication in a Second Language: Social interaction, language use, and learning Japanese” has now been published by Multilingual Matters. Visit the Multilingual Matters website for a 20% discount! Online Communication in a Second Language examines the use of social computer mediated communication (CMC) with speakers of Japanese via longitudinal case studies of up ... Read more
  • My forthcoming book, “Online Communication in a Second Language: Social Interaction, Language Use, and Learning Japanese” will be published by Multilingual Matters in October. “Online Communication in a Second Language examines the use of social computer mediated communication (CMC) with speakers of Japanese via longitudinal case studies of up to four years. Through the analysis of ... Read more

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