Associate Professor Shane Homan


Associate Professor Shane Homan is Head of Communications and Media Studies. A graduate of the University of Western Sydney in 1991, Shane completed a first class Honours thesis on copyright debates within the Australian music industry before undertaking his PhD on the history of live music in Sydney at Macquarie University. Before joining Monash in 2008, he taught media studies at the University of Western Sydney (1999-2001) and the University of Newcastle (2001-2007).

Through memberships in various organisations (Music Council of Australia; ARC Cultural Research Network; FairGo4Live Music) his work has engaged with the industrial and policy contexts of music production and consumption. Shane has also been Chair of the Australia-New Zealand branch of IASPM (International Association for the Study of Popular Music) and General Secretary of its international executive. He is currently a member of Victorian and NSW government committees examining the health of live music venues. At Monash, Shane is co-Director of the Research Unit in Media Studies, Head of Communications and Media Studies and Deputy Director of the Master of Cultural Economy degree.

Shane Homan is an internationally recognised researcher in the cultural industries and cultural and media policy. He has written extensively about the contemporary music industries and related sectors (recording and live music industries; copyright debates; government policies). Shane has completed commissioned reports on the music industries for Melbourne City Council, the NSW Ministry of Arts and the Australia Council. He has been a project leader and chief investigator on several Australian Research Council grant projects, such as Policy Notes: Local Popular Music in Global Creative Economies (2010-2012). Shane has been active in achieving legislative reform across a range of issues relating to music activity, including reform of laws applying to live music in Australia.



Popular music industries

The role of popular music within the media industries and the changing contexts of production, consumption and technology.

Media history and cultural memory

The role of the media in the construction of local and national historical narratives; the interplay between media industries and audiences in contestations of media and popular culture histories.

Media policy

The role of government in contemporary media landscapes and debates relating to intellectual property and regulation of content.

City cultures

The effects of music and other media/leisure activity on city policy-making and regulation.

Media and youth

Contemporary portrayals of youth; moral panic theory and youth.

Competitive Grants

  • Popular Music and Cultural Memory (2010-2012), Australian Research Council.
  • The Music Capital: City of Melbourne Music Strategy (2010), Melbourne City Council
  • Policy Notes: Local Popular Music in Global Creative Economies (2009-2011), Australian Research Council.
  • Art Gallery Redevelopment Feasibility Study (2004), Newcastle City Council.
  • Playing for Life: the everyday music practices of marginalised youth as strategic pathways to agency, employment and socio-economic inclusion (2003-2005), Australian Research Council.
  • Playing for Life: Fellowship for on-site German – Australian Collaboration (2004), Australian Research Council.
  • Vanishing Acts: an inquiry into live popular music opportunities in NSW (2003), Australia Council and NSW Ministry of Arts.
  • Boozers and Bouncers: a study of male youth drinking and violence in Newcastle (2003), NSW Department of Health and The Department of Justice and Attorney General NSW.
  • Newcastle Cultural Industry Economic Modelling (2003), Newcastle City Council.