Dr Simon Connor

  • I am a palaeoecologist with broad interests in how plants, people and their environments have interacted in the past, and what these interactions mean for understanding today’s landscapes and environmental issues.

    My main research is in the history of vegetation, climate, fire and human impact in the diverse lands surrounding the Mediterranean and Black Seas.  

    For further information, please see my biography and publications.


    The Centre for Palynology and Palaeoecology, Monash University

  • New evidence from Bulgaria shows that the climate in the lowland areas first settled by agriculturalists around 8000 years ago were probably too dry to support agriculture prior to that time.   This research opens a new chapter in the archaeological and environmental history of the Balkans, suggesting that climatic conditions may have delayed agriculture from ... Read more
  • The Tundzha Regional Archaeological Project (TRAP) has been chosen as one of only 4 Research Highlights in Archaeology by the Australian Institute of Nuclear Science and Engineering – two years in a row!  TRAP is a multidisciplinary landscape archaeology project that aims to document the development of archaeological cultures and environmental context in the Tundzha Valley ... Read more