Research interests

Print cultures

My research focuses on the cultural economy of print, especially in the 20th and 21st centuries, including publishing, editing, book history, book retailing, cultures of reading, book design, e-books, the digital literary sphere and the concept of a universal digital library.

Adaptation industries

My current book is a study of the adaptation industry internationally examining how content is transferred from one medium to others, especially between the print and screen media. I examine the changing role of cultural intermediaries such as agents, authors, publishers, book prizes, screenwriters, film producers and distributors.

Global media

I am interested in the structure and operations of international media conglomerates and public-service broadcasters in new digital environments. My methodology incorporates political economy, medium theory and cultural studies approaches, cross-blended with critical theory and cultural policy.

Feminist media studies

My background is in gender theory and gendered analyses of media, including examining production contexts of media, the texts themselves and their relationship with consumers or users. I am especially interested in how gender analyses illuminate book and magazine culture, including in their digital incarnations. I am interested in hearing from prospective higher degree research candidates regarding projects in any of the above areas.