Associate Professor Steven Roberts

Steve is an Associate Professor in Sociology. His research focuses on the changes and continuities in contemporary transitions from youth to young adulthood. One key focus is exploring what we can learn from the lives and experiences of what he describes as the ‘missing middle’ – young people who fall between youth sociology’s traditional focus on those whose transitions are considered to be either ‘problematic’/deviant or smooth and ‘successful’.  Another central area of interest is the changing nature of young masculinities and the attendant implications for social inequality/ Here, Steve is interested in a wider array of issues, such as contemporary forms of homosocial behaviour, men’s engagement with domestic labour and men’s experiences and perceptions of ‘sexting’. Further still, he has recently been conducting research into youth homelessness and community responses to homelessness.

Steve has published widely on the ways in which social class and gender shape, influence and constrain young people’s experiences of and aspirations for education, employment, housing, consumption and the domestic sphere. His  work features in a number of international academic journals and edited books and also informs the work of policy makers and British think tanks. He sits on the editorial board of Journal of Youth Studies and is co-editor of  the BSA/ Sage journal Sociological Research Online Steve has also written for and been invited to present work to UK policy think tanks (see publications tab) and been consulted by the media in UK, Australia, France and South Korea to discuss issues such as masculinity, homophobia in men’s sport, and the conditions facing the millennial generation.