Dr Stewart King

  • Originally from Sydney, I lived in India and Canberra, but grew up in Melbourne. My interest in Spanish language and culture dates from 1988 when I started learning the language privately before travelling throughout Spain in 1989-90.

    I became interested in Catalan culture through friends and, as part of my B.A. at La Trobe University, I studied history, Spanish and Catalan language and literature.

  • A new online database on crime fiction by women writers from Spain was launched at the University of Barcelona’s Centre Dona i Literatura (Women and Literature Centre) on 7 October 2013. Called MUNCE (Mujeres y Novela Criminal en España 1975-2010/ Women and Crime Fiction in Spain 1975-2010), the database  contains information on individual writers as well ... Read more
  • Stewart King has been awarded €3,900 by the Spanish Ministry of Education, Culture and Sport for a project on Spanish crime fiction. The grant will partially fund a one-month trip to Barcelona and Madrid where Stewart will conduct research for a book, provisionally titled La novela policíaca española: una aproximación temática [Spanish crime fiction: a thematic ... Read more
  • Is science fiction the future of crime fiction? Catalan writer Jordi de Manuel thinks so, and in my chapter in this collection, “Distopía y detectives: la ficción criminal de Jordi de Manuel” , I explore de Manuel’s representation of a futuristic dystopian Barcelona, plagued by ... Read more
  •   My chapter in this collection, “‘Don’t Forget the Tejedor’: Community and Identity in the Crime Fiction of Rosa Ribas” explores issues of cultural hybridity in the first two novels of Rosa Riba’s “Cornelia Weber-Tejedor” series. The series is set in Frankfurt and the protagonist is a police inspector with a German father and a ... Read more