Adjunct Associate Professor Susan Blackburn

Susan Blackburn has a BA (Honours) from Adelaide University, and a PhD and Diploma of Education from Monash University. Her thesis concerned Indonesian nationalism.

Since graduating Dr Blackburn has taught at Victoria University of Technology (Melbourne), Griffith University (Brisbane) and, since 1991, at Monash University. Her research has been in the areas of Indonesian history and politics, the Indonesian women’s movement, and foreign aid.  In 2006 she completed a research project with Oxfam Australia on their assistance to women in postconflict situations.

Her teaching has been in the areas of the Politics of Development, Gender in Asian Politics, Southeast Asian Politics, and Foreign Aid and Non-Government Organisations, at both undergraduate and graduate levels.

Dr Blackburn has been supervising post-graduate theses since 1988. Her students have successfully completed MA and PhD theses in topics related to Asian politics, women in development, Australian foreign aid and the politics of development.

N.B. Dr Blackburn retired at the end of 2013 and will not be taking on any new supervisions.

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