Associate Professor Susanna Scarparo



Associate Dean (Education)

Susanna has published books and journal articles on life writing, Italian cinema, women’s writing, Italian Australian studies and feminist theory. She teaches undergraduate units in Italian cinema, global studies, contemporary Italian language and culture, and literary studies. She supervises graduate students in literary and cultural studies, cinema studies, Italian studies, feminist and gender studies, mobility and migration studies.

Areas of Specialization:

Italian Cinema, Global Studies, Contemporary Italian Language and Culture, Literary Studies

Recent Publications (Selected):

  • Scarparo, S., Luciano, B., 2013, Reframing Italy: New Trends in Italian Women’s Filmmaking, Purdue University Press (PSRL 59)
  • ScRoss, C., Scarparo, S. (eds), 2010, Italian Studies, Maney Publishing, UK.
  • Scarparo, S., McDonald, S.J. (eds), 2006, Violent Depictions: Representing Violence Across Cultures, Cambridge Scholars Publishing, Newcastle UK.
  • Scarparo, S. Elusive Subjects: Biography as Gendered Metafiction, Leicester: Troubador Publishing, 2005. Introduction in Acrobat PDF format [96 KB] / Table of Contents in Acrobat PDF format /
  • Wilson, R.P., Scarparo, S. (eds), 2005, Representing Italian Diasporas In Australia: New Perspectives. Studi d’Italianistica nell’Africa australe / Italian Studies in Southern Africa, Association of Professional Italianists, Pretoria South Africa. Table of Contents in Acrobat PDF format [76 KB]
  • Sarparo, S., Wilson, R.P. (eds), 2004, Across Genres, Generations and Borders: Italian Women Writing Lives, University of Delaware Press, Newark. Table of Contents in Acrobat PDF format [92 KB]

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