Aulbert-Watty Residency

August 1, 2015, 8pm Music Auditorium

Frauke Aulbert and Gisbert Watty – Lieder for Voice and Guitar

German soprano Frauke Aulbert and Italy-based guitarist Gisbert Watty present a concert of contemporary classical music that includes works by German composers Paul Dessau, Hans Werner Henze and Stefan Hakenberg, and Australian works by Christine McCombe and Thomas Reiner. Both Hakenberg and Reiner were students of Hans Werner Henze, which makes the musical dialogue between Australia and Germany a feature of this program. As Hamburg’s queen of avant-garde, Frauke Aulbert boasts a vocal range of four octaves and has specialised in the contemporary vocal performance. Gisbert Watty collaborates with numerous composers from all over the world and has commissioned a large number of new works for and with guitar.

August 5, 2015, 8pm Music Auditorium

Monash Composers Performed by Frauke Aulbert and Gisbert Watty

This concert is the culmination of an international composition residency with German soprano Frauke Aulbert and Italy-based guitarist Gisbert Watty. Composition students of the Sir Zelman Cowen School of Music have written new works specifically for these two performers, exploring the possibilities of writing for contemporary voice and guitar. The student compositions were written during Semester 1 this year and emailed to the two musicians for feedback over recent weeks. The themes explored by the Monash composers include journeys into the human psyche (Sam Harvey), religious prayer (Scott Aschauer-Magon and Louise Peters), the castle of Macbeth (Annette Pirotta), Australian landscape (Callum Feint), the relationship between father and son (Humphrey Cheung), the Dog Man of Transylvania, revered amongst children and seen as a threat by adults (Noemi Liba Friedman), and the struggle to find harmony with oneself and society (Reuben Daamen).