CD cover Sublating the Symbol

Re-sound: Sublating the Symbol.
An album of Australian work curated by Thomas Reiner.
ArsPublica (2016).

Semblances cover

Semblances – Chamber Works. Thomas Reiner’s second solo CD. It comprises nine original chamber works recorded by leading performers of contemporary art music from Australia, Europe and the US. ArsPublica (2014).

cd-tr-venus-song Venus’ Song – New Music for Guitar 1
Venus’ Song is a CD of new music for guitar performed by Gisbert Watty. It features two of Reiner’s works: Fan-Fair (2000/2001) and Sweet-Spots, Version 2 (2006/2007). ArsPublica (2011).
cd-tr-the-flowers The Flowers CD – re-sound
The Flowers is the most recent release of the contemporary music project re-sound. Curated by Thomas Reiner, the CD presents works of four Australian composers: Kim Lajoie, Paul Moulatlet, Jane Hammond and Thomas Reiner.  Move Records (2010).
Quiet on the Bridge CD – re-sound

This is re-sound’s fourth CD release. Curated by Thomas Reiner, this CD combines a range of contemporary styles and approaches, including electronic and electro-acoustic music, contemporary chamber and interactive computer music, indeterminate (open) works and improvisation. Move Records (2007).

KAPPA – CD – Trio Altrove 1.3

The Italian chamber group Trio Altrove 1.3 presents seven works by six Australian composers: Melanie Chilianis, Paul Moulatlet, Steve Adam, Philip Czaplowski, Brendan Colbert, and Thomas Reiner. Move Records (2007).

Ephemeral Densities – CD – re-sound

Curated by Thomas Reiner, this recording features works by four Australian composers with the idea to integrate contemporary chamber music, computer music and popular electronic music. Move Records 2005).

cd-tr-conversations Conversations CD – An electroacoustic work by composers and performers at Monash University
The recording of Conversations is one of the outcomes of a research project initiated by Thomas Reiner in the School of Music of the Faculty of Arts at Monash University. Six Australian composers have collaborated to produce this recording. Move Records (2004).
Hard Chamber CD – Thomas Reiner

This recording is Thomas Reiner’s first solo CD. It features nine original works performed by soloists from Italy and the ensemble re-sound. Move Records (2003).

In C CD – re-sound

Produced by Thomas Reiner, this recording presents ensemble re-sound’s electroacoustic version of Terry Riley’s minimalist classic In C. Move Records (2002).

re-sound CD – re-sound

Curated by Thomas Reiner, this is ensemble re-sound’s first and self titled CD. It features works by John Cage, Brendan Colbert, Ken Murray, Harvey Solberger, Paul Moulatlet, and Thomas Reiner. Move Records (1999).