Toby Handfield

  • Associate Professor and Head of Philosophy Department

    I am a member of the Department of Philosophy, which is located within the School of Philosophical, Historical, and International Studies.

    For my personal webpage, with links to many publications, please visit here.

  • When giving a paper at a conference, or at a research seminar, should the work presented be complete or in progress? There seems to be no in principle reason why there should be a rule one way or the other. In my own discipline of philosophy, there appears to be a reasonably well established, though ... Read more
  • Early in 2007, I had been lecturing for about four years, and had become somewhat despondent about the possibilities of teaching in large group settings. I kept trying harder and harder to make my lectures better, and although students rated them as better than average, I felt frustrated that it remained hard to interact with ... Read more