Trischa Mann


 Trischa’s career encompasses professional, managerial and teaching roles in law, publishing and academia.

Trischa joined the Monash Graduate Publishing Program in 2012, and remains active in publishing as an author, editor, indexer and publisher.

Her industry roles include in-house Tertiary Editor at Longman, then Managing Editor at Pearson Professional, with imprints Pitman Publishing, Financial Times (FT) Pitman, FT Law & Tax Asia Pacific, BLEC, and Churchill Livingston. As a freelance editor, indexer and publishing consultant she has worked independently (Freelance Writers/WriteSideUp) and as the co-director of a small independent publishing venture, Inkshed Press Pty Ltd.

Trischa is the author of several books, two of which have won national Australian Educational Publishing Awards.Essentials of Business Law, in 2002, was described in the award as innovative, particularly for its use of diagrams. The Oxford Australian Law Dictionary (2010) was described as “an excellent resource [which] contextualises legal concepts … [with] clear, concise, accessible language and expository diagrams clarify complex concepts supporting the underpinning pedagogical approach … a valuable contribution.”)

Trischa is also the author of Legal Terminology (a practical book for TAFE students and non-lawyers, designed to demystify legal language), and has also co-authored two comprehensive practical manuals on Microsoft Word. As a consultant to legal practices in areas including professional writing, Trischa has a particular interest in knowledge management, and is the author of a chapter on knowledge audits in (Law Institute of Victoria 2005).

In 2002 Trischa received an Australia Council Literature Board grant to attend the APA Residential Editorial Program in Katoomba (a practical fiction editors’ professional development program). In 2005 her professional development and educational consultancy skills were recognised when a 12-week professional development program created with others in a legal services consultancy was shortlisted for the Locus/Australian Legal Practice Management Association awards in Sydney.

Trischa has been involved in community groups including serving on committees for the Australian–Asian Association, the Law Institute of Victoria (Publications Subcommittee), the Society of Editors and the Institute of Professional Editors (IPEd). She was accredited as a registered indexer and is a past member of the Australian Authors’ Association. She was also a practising member, then academic member, of the Victorian Bar. She is a current member of the Law Institute of Victoria, the Australian Institute for Judicial Administration (AIJA), the Australian Society of Editors, the Australian and New Zealand Society of Indexers (ANZSI), the Australian Society for Technical Communication (Vic), the Australian Association for Psychological Type (AusAPT), and Writers Victoria.

Trischa has been a speaker at conferences including legal ethics (Canterbury, NZ) and publishing (Melbourne, Brisbane, Adelaide) as well as teaching law-related undergraduate units in Management and Commerce at the University of Ballarat, teaching collaboratively in the MBA program, delivering a unit in Corporate Governance, and performing a contract role as the project manager of a Course Review leading to the introduction of a new Bachelor Business degree at the University of Ballarat. She has also contributed to professional associations and in industry as a guest lecturer or courseware developer in subjects related to areas in which she has legal experience, including legal ethics, human resources, copyright, commercial law, and corporate editing practice. She has designed Leo Cussen Institute course materials for lawyers in intellectual property, and has taught law graduates at Leo Cussen in a range of subjects including business writing, drafting, contracts, copyright, corporate governance, property law and marketing law.

Joining the Monash publishing and editing program enables her to focus more directly on scholarly research to complement her practice-based background and broad industry experience.


Research Interests

Trischa has particular interest in:

  • Mixed-methods research and research tools (relational concept mapping using Leximancer, qualitative research using NVivo 9, Q-sort methodology and repertory grids)
  • New publishing media
  • Legal texts
  • Cultural anthropology of law

Current Research Projects

  • Working on completion of PhD in judicial education. The mixed-methods research involved online and paper surveys of the Victorian Bar and semi-structured interviews with judges of the Supreme Court of Victoria.
  • Scoping Leximancer analyses of text.
  • Preparing a companion monograph to a presentation at the AusAPT National Conference, Melbourne, October 2012 on construction of a dynamic model of psychological type.
  • As its General Editor and contributing author, preparing the second edition of the Australia Law Dictionary for Oxford University Press.


  • APG5041 – The Professional Editor Internship (semester one)

The professional editor is central to the operations of a publishing house. He, or she, sets or maintains editorial and production standards and is responsible for day-to-day management of major publishing projects (including complex electronic publications), the publishing program and the editorial and production team. The professional editor will have trained as a copy-editor. This advanced unit will concentrate on developing understanding of the broader responsibilities and professional concerns of the editorial manager in a variety of situations. The unit includes an internship component. Students work with a publishing firm or appropriate publishing professional for a minimum of 80-90 hours under academic and professional supervision.

  • APG5040 – The Publishing Firm Internship (semester two)

This unit is concerned with the organisation, objectives and operations of typical publishing firms. Principles and practices of management in the publishing industry. Topics include the objectives of the firm; decision-making processes; the management of intellectual property, including contracting with authors, suppliers, distributors, other publishers; financial management; the creation and supervision of teams; the supervision of team-leaders and project managers; staff appraisals; the management of specialists and suppliers, including outsourcing; information technology, records and archives management; managing change in the firm. The unit includes an internship component. Students work with a publishing firm or appropriate publishing professional for a minimum of 80-90 hours under academic and professional supervision.

  • APG4801 –  Publishing processes and new technology (semester two)

The contribution of new technology and multi-media outcomes are explored.
An overview of the role of the various production processes and their management in publishing. Students are taken through the various stages of the physical production of various formats (books, magazines and newspapers) and their subsequent marketing and distribution. The contributions of new technology and multi-media outcomes are explored. Students enrolled at this 5th year level will demonstrate a greater mastery over project management issues adapted to given examples.