Associate Professor Warren Sun 孙万国

School of Languages, Literatures, Cultures and Linguistics

Chinese Studies


Prior to joining Monash in 1996, Warren was a senior research fellow at University of Sydney. There he forged a long-standing partnership with Professor Frederick Teiwes and produced many of their collaborated works on contemporary Chinese elite politics. Their collaborative Discovery Projects have repeatedly attracted grants from the Australian Research Council (ARC) over the past 17 years.

Originally from Taiwan, Warren Sun was once a student of English and American Literature at National Taiwan University. While tutoring there, he also worked as a journalist for the newspaper syndicate, Lianhebao (The United Daily), Taipei, and assumed the role of executive editor for four local literary and cultural journals.

During his post-graduate studies in Australia, Warren shifted his research interest to modern Chinese intellectual history of the late Qing and early Republican period, focusing on the works of Zhang Binglin, the last master of Chinese classical learning and influential radical philosopher despite his deep-seated cultural conservatism.


Ph.D. (Australian National University)
Ph.D. thesis: The Transcendent and the Mundane in the Intellectual World of Zhang Binglin (1869-1936).

B.A. (National Taiwan University)