Research interests

  • corporate social and environmental sustainability
  • corporate social responsibility
  • sustainable business models
  • hybrid business models (B Corps)
  • systems approach to sustainability (collaborative networks)
  • education for sustainability
  • industrial ecosystems (circular economy)
  • sustainability reporting and integrated reporting

Research projects

2017. CAANZ grant $19,800. The relationship between a company’s materiality and risk processes for effective integrated reporting. With A/P Colin Higgins (RMIT) and Meg Fricke (Ernst & Young).

2016 CPA Australia grant $25,000. An exploration of the information needs of selected stakeholders of integrated reporting (IR). With A/P Colin Higgins (Deakin University) and Prof Markus Milne (University of Canterbury).

2014-15 Institute of Chartered Accountants Australia (ICAA) grant $19,000. Lifting the lid on integrated reporting in Australia: In-depth insights from  successful early adopters. Led by Prof Nonna Martinov-Bennie, Macquarie University.

2014 CPA Australia grant $19,800. Regulatory standards vs. non-regulatory guidelines: Financial stakeholders’ perspectives on the appropriate route to effective integrated reporting. With Dr Colin Higgins (Deakin University).

2014 Investigation of emerging sustainable business models: the case of B Corps in Australia.

2012 Institute of Chartered Accountants Australia (ICAA) grant $10,000.  Sustainability and Integrated Reporting (IR): A study of the inhibitors and enablers of Integrated Reporting. With Dr Colin Higgins (Victoria University).

2011-2012 Drivers, motivators, inhibitors, enablers and barriers for developing industrial ecosystems in Australia.

2011 CPA Australia grant $15,000. Sustainability reporting and non-reporters. With Dr Colin Higgins (Victoria University) and Prof Markus Milne (Canterbury University, NZ)

Research supervision

Current students


Kirti Mishra (co-supervisor): A study of complex evolving systems (CES): A case of organisations responding to impacts of climate change.

Saba Nasir ( co-supervisor): The relationship between Corporate Social Responsibility and Human Resource Management: A comparison of private and public sector organizations in Pakistan.

Tho Nguyen (primary supervisor): A Conceptual Framework of Corporate Social Responsibility in Vietnam.

Completed students


Erin Castellas ( primary supervisor). 2016. Challenging traditional notions of value: how Australian companies are navigating sustainable hybrid value creation.

Sindhu Prasad Dhungana (co-supervisor). 2014. Reconstructing political ecology of ecosystem services.


Shalini Samuel (primary supervisor). 2011.  Explore how the greening of the Olympics leads to long-term social and environmental outcomes for the host nation .


Amity Towers. 2014. Supply Chain Crisis as a Motivation for Change: An Investigation of the Impact of the Rana Plaza Factory Collapse on the Corporate Social Responsibility Strategies of Australian Companies.

Stephanie Brush. 2013. Barriers Affecting the Transfer of Science from Research Making to Policy Action: A case study of the Australian science-policy engagement.

Louisa Chalmers. 2012. A sustainability framework for the Australian beef industry.

Tom Dowsley. 2011. School-Community Partnerships in Victorian Schools: Partnering for Sustainability.

Jai Jagasia. 2011. How can the Victorian electricity generators be more sustainable?