Dr William Peterson

  • Welcome!  I currently supervise one of the world’s largest groups of PhD students from Asian countries pursuing research on Asian performance topics. Many are enrolled in practice-based PhDs while others are engaged in ‘traditional’ scholarship. For the last 10 years my research has been focused on community-based performance in the Philippines, much of it related to religious or civic festivals where the boundaries between ritual, dance and dramatic enactments are blurred, while local and national politics and the transnational flows of Filipino labour and culture contribute to a uniquely complex performance culture.  I have taught at five universities in four countries (Australia, Singapore, New Zealand, US) and was involved in setting up the theatre programs at the National University of Singapore (1992-1995) and the University of Waikato in Hamilton, New Zealand (1995-1998).  From 2007-11 and again in 2012 I was Head of the Centre for Theatre and Performance.