Dr Young-A Cho

Senior Lecturer in Korean Studies, School of Languages, Literatures, Cultures and Linguistics

I was originally interested in Korean linguistics, and completed my master degree at Korea University. After completing my master degree, I taught Korean at the Korea University Korean language Centre and also Korean language and literature as Arts subjects at the undergraduate level at Korea University while continuing my Ph.D. studies at Korea University. A fax advertising a Korean lecturer’s position at Monash, which was sent to the Korean language center, brought me here to Monash University in 1992.

I believe that teaching students skills on how-to-learn is more important than teaching facts and knowledge. Therefore, in my early years at Monash I saw my task was to create good learning materials and I have since produced a wide range of materials. Initially I focused on developing materials for classroom activities such as textbooks, listening comprehension books and language activity materials. As access to new technology developed, I started to develop and incorporate computer and Internet based materials. Many of the grants I have obtained helped me to develop such materials and to create a better learning environment for students.

I have taught various courses at the undergraduate level, while completing my doctoral dissertation on language testing. I have also published research articles and book chapters on topics such as listening comprehension, language testing, and Computer Assisted Language Learning (CALL). I have been invited to give papers at conferences and write book chapters. Recently I have developed a research interest in language in gender and advertising. At present I am especially interested in teaching culture in a language context.

I am still a workaholic Korean, but I have also managed to adopt a bit of the Australian life style. I enjoy gardening even though I still kill some plants. Sometimes I go to the park to roller blade and go to the mountains to cross-country ski in winter.


  • Ph.D. (Korea University)
    외국어로서의 한국어 능력평가 연구 (A study on the assessment of Korean language proficiency as a foreign language)
  • M.A. (Korea University)
    중기국어의 시상 연구 (Tense-Aspect in Middle Korean)

Current Research Interests:

  • Korean linguistics, in particular, evidentiality
  • Teaching Korean as a foreign language
  • Technology-Enhanced Language Learning