Dr Zhichang Xu

Dr. Zhichang Xu (Marc) is a senior lecturer in the English as an International Language (EIL) program at Monash University, Australia. He has a disciplinary background in Applied Linguistics, World Englishes, Cultural Linguistics, and Intercultural Education. He has a BA in English Language Education and Translation Studies (Beihang University), an MA in Applied Linguistics in TESOL (Beihang University), and a PhD in Languages and Intercultural Education (Curtin University of Technology).

  • Researching Chinese English: the State of the Art offers a timely collection of original research papers on the various features and issues surrounding Chinese English, one of the varieties in World Englishes with a large and increasing number of learners and users. The five sections entitled ‘Researching Chinese English Pronunciation’, ‘Researching Chinese English Lexis, Grammar ... Read more